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Emma One Medium Mattress

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Essential Mattress Info

Emma (Malaysia)
Mattress Type
Memory foam
Other Sizes Available?
Important Information
Other Certification Info

Trial & Warranty

Trial Period
Trial Period (nights)
Warranty Length (years)

Firmness Options

One Firmness Fits All?
Adjustable Firmness
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Firmness Info

The Emma One is ideal for all body types, regardless of your size and weight.

Mattress Construction

Materials Overview

The Emma One is made of:

  • 2.5cm Open-cell foam
  • 2.5cm Visco-elastic memory foam
  • 10cm HRX base foam.
The mattress also has a temperature-regulating cover.

Comfort Info

HRX Foam layer is elastic for low motion transfer. This means that if you share a bed with someone who moves while they sleep, you won't feel a thing; your sleep will remain undisturbed.
The Emma One is made from natural, eco-friendly materials - so rest easy knowing the mattress is 100% vegan and organic.

Support Info

The Emma One mattress is scientifically developed and customer tested mattress to alleviate back pain.

Comfort Specs

OpenCell Foam is used in the comfort layer for it's breathability property and for maximum comfort.

Support Specs

Visco-Elastic Memory Foam layer adapts perfectly to your changing sleep positions so you're always supported.

Fabric Specs

The Emma One cover enhances air circulation through the mattress and keeps humidity out. You'll sleep at a comfortable temperature every night. Thanks to the elasticity and thread count, the cover hugs your mattress and helps it keep its shape. Furthermore, the cover is removable and machine washable.

Manufactured in


Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers

Size & Weight

Single Dimensions
190 x 90 x 18 cm
Single Weight (kg)
Queen Dimensions
190 x 152 x 18 cm
Queen Weight (kg)
King Dimensions
190 x 183 x 18 cm
King Weight (kg)


Delivery Cost
Delivery Info

Free delivery and returns via SNT. Comes rolled in a box with the following dimensions: 38x38x110cm (Single) or 45x45x110cm (Queen and King sizes).

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